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At Soundview, we create summarized content of the year’s best business books - content that keeps employees engaged, without taking up all of their time. Our Library offers a full range of learning resources to empower users to become more proficient business professionals and better leaders. We pride ourselves on being able to align our Library with any organization’s learning infrastructure to create a seamless learning resource for your employees.

Getting Your Team Where They Need to Be

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Getting Your
Team Where They
Need to Be

Maximum Learning, Minimum Time

With summarized versions of the year’s best business books, author-driven webinars, informative training videos, and a variety of other concise business content, Soundview will empower employees to learn more in less time.

Endless Possibilities to Increase Their Potential

Soundview’s accessible content is aligned with core business initiatives and covers such topics as: leadership, management, marketing, sales, career development, and more. Our library can assist in finding fast solutions to difficult problems and in meeting the collective goals of any team.

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From implementation to maximizing the benefits of our program, Soundview will be there every step of the way. We provide multiple options and services to help administrators get the most out of the program, at no additional cost. Learn how we fit into your organization.

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Learning That Drives Talent, Engagement, and ROI

Training with video is believed to boost employee engagement, communication, productivity, and loyalty. Learning with video taps into brain functions that facilitate not just better learning, but also personal connections, trust and loyalty.



Leadership from the Inside Out
by Kevin Cashman

Leadership from the Inside Out balances timeless principles with emerging research. It serves as an integrated growth experience that helps leaders understand how to harness their authentic, value-creating influence and elevate their impact.



Ignite Potential. Inspire Action.

Soundview helps you unlock the full potential of your employees and your company. Learn how our library can provide a robust resource for organized learning initiatives, assist in finding fast solutions to difficult problems, and play a vital role in meeting the collective goals of your organization.


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