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We combine Executive Book Summaries®, author interviews, webinars, training videos and Executive Edge to provide only the best business information resources from top authors and leading business professionals.

This flexible, comprehensive training tool is designed to fit your organization. Most companies use it as an outsourced Software-as-Service solution that is hosted and fully maintained by Soundview. However, our products can be fully integrated into any legacy learning management system. A Soundview representative personally works with your organization to assess your company's learning goals and provide the solution to match.

Our solution is completely mobile and designed to fit your organization’s corporate training needs. Whether your organization needs an outsourced Software as a Service solution or a solution that can be integrated into your legacy learning management system, Soundview will deliver a customized suite of business content in the way that maximizes use and retention.

1. Quality and breadth of content. Your staff will receive key insights from the best minds in business. A Soundview Corporate Library saves you the effort of sorting through thousands of titles by only giving you the most important content from the best business books.

2. Multimedia. Other corporate education services only provide book summaries. A Soundview Corporate Library gives you a comprehensive set of corporate education tools. Our Soundview Executive Book Summaries® are surrounded by exclusive audio, video and Webinar content that you won't find with any other service.

3. Multiformat. Whether your staff is using laptops, smart phones, tablets or other devices, your Soundview Corporate Library has a format that will meet their needs.

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You have an excellent product/service that we have enjoyed and profited from for many years. These summaries are an excellent tool and beacon in continuous learning. Keep up the good work … you make a difference in careers and lives.

Jim Wick Chandler, Arizona

We have used Soundview summaries in our leadership meetings, and everyone is very pleased.

Christine Kelleher, HR Administrator The New York Times

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