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About Soundview

Soundview delivers today’s most powerful business content in concise, accessible formats that your employees can watch, read or listen to on their schedule. Through business book summaries, author webinars and other valuable video content, employees are afforded the chance to take ownership of their career development and their contribution to the company as a whole.

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What makes Soundview unique?

Simply put, we curate today’s most powerful business content, and deliver it in concise, accessible formats that your employees can watch, read, or listen to on their schedule. So they’re more likely to retain and apply what they’ve learned.

The training they need, the formats they want.

Your Soundview Corporate Library is like a classroom that goes wherever your employees go. From webinars... to audio book summaries… to online courses… our accessible e-learning materials are designed to maximize use and retention — and keep pace with the busiest of schedules.

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Soundview Premier™ is the ultimate business resource for your employees’ professional development needs. Our array of products encompasses training elements to create a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that will positively impact organizational performance and guarantee overall company success. Soundview Premier offers what your company needs to promote new business strategies, enhance leadership skills, improve HR management practices and more! Learn more.

Soundview Video Essentials™ is a condensed e-learning package comprised of the fundamental videos your organization needs to promote professional growth. Get sound business advice in a pinch with SmartTips┬«, expert coaching from top authors with our Soundview Live™ webinars and key principles from these webinars with Pinpoints┬«. Soundview Video Essentials is included with Soundview Premier, but is also available as a separate product offering. Learn more.

You have an excellent product/service that we have enjoyed and profited from for many years. These summaries are an excellent tool and beacon in continuous learning. Keep up the good work … you make a difference in careers and lives.

Jim Wick Chandler, Arizona

We have used Soundview summaries in our leadership meetings, and everyone is very pleased.

Christine Kelleher, HR Administrator The New York Times

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